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“mo bacter” Moss remover 20KG

“mo bacter” Moss remover 20KG

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Mo Bacter is an Organic-based slow-release granular fertiliser which will feed your lawn for 100 days, destroys moss without turning it black and removes the need of raking out the dead moss.

Mo Bacter is not a moss killer in the sense that it does not contain any chemicals.

It destroys moss by secondary action.

That is the moss over feeds on the potash in the fertiliser and because it has a low tolerance of salts it dies.

Mo Bacter eliminates the need of black staining left by most other moss removers, it also transforms the remaining dead moss into lawn feed via its active bacteria, and continues to do so over a 100 day course.


Apply to lawn following a cut, ensure it is a dry day and utilize a spreader in order to apply




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