Maxicrop - Seaweed Feed

Maxicrop - Seaweed Feed

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1 litre of seaweed feed.

Approved for organic growing

Maxicrop Seaweed Fertilizer 1 litre is Pure liquid seaweed extract, widely proven in scientific research. Stimulates germination, rooting and establishment from seed to mature plant. Improves natural plant health. Ideal for fruit and vegetables in the home, garden or allotment.


MaxiCrop Seaweed Extract - Uses

Dilute in water for a liquid feed for many plants including

  • Seeds
  • Young plants
  • Planting out
  • Mature plants
  • All around the garden, including lawns
  • Indoor & outdoor plants

MaxiCrop Seaweed Extract - Advantages

  • Improves seed emergence
  • Aids rooting
  • Alleviates transplant shock
  • Builds resistance to pests, diseases & drought stress
  • Organic, natural ingredients - giving healthy & balanced growth
  • Pure seeweed extract
  • Scientifically tested to ensure maximum plant benefits
  • Easy to dilute & apply

MaxiCrop Seaweed Extract - Application

  • See label for full details
  • Use lid for measuring
  • Dilute in water
  • Feed plants every week during growing season

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