What can i do to be more environmentally friendly when it comes to floral arranging?

What can i do to be more environmentally friendly when it comes to floral arranging?


A common question that I am sure all florists and everyone in fact might be wondering; Here at O'Neills Flowers we are all about trying to find ways to provide high-quality floral supplies and find ways to play a part in protecting our environment. Throughout the years we have noticed a major change in how plastics can be harmful to all different sections of the floral industry.


As the world moves forward, there has been a major change when it comes to businesses choosing to develop more substantial products;  Products such as floral foam, this is a hot topic throughout the floral industry. We know, the uses of floral foam can have many different opinions from various styles of florists.


-Bio Oasis Floral foam

We are proud to be working as a premium stockist of Smithers-Oasis, a company who are taking positive steps to change how florists create their arrangements. Smithers-Oasis has developed a new range of products to move forward with the times to become more environmentally friendly and reliable products that perform just as the original products. 

You are probably wondering what exactly the difference is between this floral foam and the original foam. Well, there have been a lot of positive changes; 

  • Degrades 91% in 3 years in an anaerobic environment 
  • Same performance as OASIS® Ideal Floral Foam Maxlife
  • Unique cell structure means flowers uptake water easily

Comparing this to the original floral foam, this bio foam is the perfect change to your floral staples to make floral arrangements more environmentally friendly.


- Straw Wreath Bases

We have also created our own range of wreath bases using locally supplied straw, we designed these straw wreath bases we use straw when our pumpkin picking started in October last year. Noticing that we had a lot left, we created bases for our customers to create door wreaths and other creative arrangements with!  

Click the link below to explore our range of Eco-friendly supplies.




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