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Trees Pear “Concorde”

Trees Pear “Concorde”

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Pear Concorde One of the best dessert pears for Irish conditions, for a one pear garden, but will crop even better with a different pollination partner.

The pears are slightly larger than many other varieties with a long thin neck and a bulbous lower half. The base colour when ripe is a light green-yellow-brown and often the side which faces the sun has a pink flush to it, mainly to the top half of the fruit. It's an inviting looking pear by any standards. The leaves are a dark, glossy green. The flowers are white.

The taste of Concorde pears is sweet with lots of aroma, there is no mistaking that it has real pear flavor to it which most find very agreeable. The texture is smooth and not coarse, it doesn't melt in your mouth but it has lots of juice to it.

Fruit is produced mid season  and Concorde should be harvested when the pears are slightly under-ripe. This variety is no different from others, after harvest it should be stored in cool conditions and bought inside the house for a couple of days prior to eating.

Concorde produces a crop of fruit a year or so earlier than most other varieties. It's a very regular cropper and produces a good amount of fruit every year. You can expect it to produce a small amount of fruit in the second year after planting and reach its full potential three years after that.


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